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Video testimonials

Below are testimonials from past and active Cinsay Users.

Neiman Marcus

Objective: Generate interest in their 2014 Fall Event. Results:

  • 4.1% Conversion rate
  • 14% of people who watched the video, linked out to make a purchase
  • 8% of people who watched the vidao, shared & made a purchase

Key Whitman Eye Center

Objective: Increase Facebook audience by increasing 'Likes', Drive fan engagement, Drive overall brand awareness and excitement. Results after a few hours:

  • Over 100 new likes
  • 307 Total live chats
  • 54 Total users
  • $67,000 In total Sales
  • 10.9% Conversion rate

SuperLove Cashmere Panties

After a month with Cinsay:

  • 138% Video views
  • 81% Product views
  • 8% Conversions
  • 61% Product views
  • 4% conversion per video


Used Cinsay to increase registered users on Facebook. The results:

  • 304k Facebook views
  • 99,670 Facebook clicks
  • 45,651 Facebook signups

Living Direct

Results after 6 hours of using Cinsay:

  • 564 Clicks on product
  • 23% Of the viewers converted to making a purchase
  • 81.9% Conversion from click to purchase


Objective: To promote Apple products in Latin America. Cinsay helped run an email campaign to promote the new iPad. Results after a month:

  • 4.24% Click through rate
  • 346% Improvement
  • 300% Email conversation rate
  • 166 Sales
  • $900 Average purchase price
  • $149,000 In total sales


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