Purchase products directly from the video - One-click sharing menu

The Smart Store

The Cinsay Smart Store allows you to sell products, collect donations, generate leads, and link off to other websites all inside your videos. Click through rates are a thing of the past.

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Cinsay Evolution
In-player transactions with multiple product types

Any products or services can be sold directly inside the player.


Take donations right inside the player. It's convenient and secure.

Lead Generation

Collect leads directly from your video with just two clicks.


Add a link and description that takes your viewer wherever you like.

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It only takes a few clicks to share anywhere on the web
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Analytics - for the analytical

You can easily track the performance of your videos as a whole, or broken down individually. Separated into our 3 pillars - Attract, Interact, Transact - analytics are easy to read and comprehend, while providing the depth you need.

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Summary gives you an overhead look of everything that is happening


Attract lets you see where and how you are getting your viewers


Interact shows you how the customers are interacting with your videos


Transact tracks users purchase decisions and habits in real-time

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* Screens are simulated

Mobile Web App

With the limitations of mobile today, we made a mobile web app which ensures that the shopping experience stays intact. Because it's a web app, it means that users will never have to download any software to use it.

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Impressive Conversion

Our conversion rates beat any of our competitors by a long shot.

Cinsay - 7.2%
Google - 2.8%
Nextag - 2.1%
Amazon - 1.6%
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MyCinsay - Watch. Shop. Share.

MyCinsay makes it easy to view content, shop you favorite brands, and share your experience with your friends. Post listings of products and services to a vibrant marketplace, providing a social commerce experience.

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No products to sell? We've got you covered

Our On-demand services gives you the ability to sell products without ordering inventory or managing shipping and tracking - for free. Upload an image or logo of your choice and start selling.

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Step 1
Step 1
Upload your design or chose from our extensive directory of images.
Step 2
Step 2
Chose from more than 1,000 products to attach it to.
Step 3
Step 3
Start selling products in your videos. It only takes a few minutes to begin.
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