Cinsay’s Powerful MLM Technology Can Help You Sell More Products, Grow Your Business and Increase your Downline!

“Video increases conversions by up to 70%!” eMarketer, 2014

Reach Thousands or Even Millions of Network Marketers and New Distributors Without Ever Leaving Your Home or Office

Works for ANY Multi-level/Network Marketing Company World Wide:

  • Sell more products – globally!
  • Grow your business – globally!
  • Increase your downline – globally!
  • LIVE Stream all of your business opportunities, training seminars and events from ANYWHERE.
  • Easy to use and works even when you’re NOT working!
  • Target direct marketers and distributors by age, demographics, location and interests.
  • Track and optimize everything from product sales to your downline.
  • Optimized for mobile, tablets and international.
  • Deploy throughout your entire direct marketing business.
  • Collapse costs, reduce time spent and minimize efforts.

Cinsay Can Help Any Network Marketer sell more products, grow their business and increase Their Downline in Social Media.

  • Works in any and all social media.
  • Maximize use of your current videos.
  • Decide how many people you want to reach.
  • Find people already interested in your business opportunity.
  • Provide technology to your downline.

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Jeunesse Global has teamed with Cinsay to introduce J-Social. A cutting-edge technology designed to make social media campaigns and marketing finally work.

Thanks to Cinsay Inc., Jeunesse distributors can easily share their business opportunity and provide potential customers the ability to request a a free sample, become a preferred customer, or join a downline before, during or after the presentation.

API For Custom Multilevel Marketing Companies for Complete End-to-End Marketing, Recruitment, Sales and Tracking Integration

Cinsay has developed an API for the Multi-Level/ Network Marketing industry that goes beyond the standard Create, Update, or Delete. It has expanded to cloning accounts and video players, real-time order notifications, channel and account reporting, payment processing, and the ability to integrate with MLM systems.

The API gives the MLM the ability to:

  • Account management that includes the ability to onboard accounts and associate the Cinsay account with the MLM system.
  • Control user access to the Cinsay Video Player Manager/ Dashboard. The Dashboard controls access to merchant account, payment systems, products, product pricing, videos, and sales data and reports. Upon setup of the video player, the distributor does not receive the login information to the Dashboard. The login is handled by the MLM via the API.
  • Create and control the content, video messaging, and presentations that are available to members. This keeps the distributors from posting unapproved videos or altering pricing.
  • Standardization of MLM video and product offerings within the Cinsay video player. This provides the ability to setup a default or seeded account for MLM accounts. This also includes the ability to replicate video player templates via cloning, video, and product management.
  • Receive real-time notifications of product orders or events.
  • Track and optimize everything in your business.
  • Links never die – update with new products and videos.
  • Collapse costs, reduce time spent and minimize efforts.
  • Optimized for mobile, tablets and international.
  • Costs pennies per day to reach thousands of targeted people.

The reporting system provides a daily and weekly export of sales by MLM account. The ability to cross-reference the Cinsay Account ID and the MLM account provides the MLM the ability to integrate sales and events with downline.

Lastly, through the power of the Cinsay Payment Gateway, the MLM has the ability to transact worldwide and in a growing number of countries and currencies.


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