LIVE Streaming made easy and effective

For Businesses, Retailers, Multilevel Marketing, Entertainment.

For the first time Your customers can watch LIVE streaming and make purchases for any products and services within the video...instantly.

Marketing, E-commerce, Entertainment, Training and Direct Sales (MLM)

  • Expand and create global LIVE broadcasting beyond traditional broadcasting with Pay-Per-View, subscription and integrated products and services.
  • Sell products and services directly within the live video, within the player and capture sales instantly and in real time.
  • Reach viewers on any device, including mobile.
  • Shareable across social media worldwide.
  • Embeddable in Facebook, Tumblr, Renren, WeChat and many others.
  • Get deeper, expanded real-time analytics.

Share in Social Media

  • Share and stream LIVE in social media worldwide.
  • Broadcast LIVE and record content for continued user engagement.
  • Tie to trending topics and increase views.
  • Hashtags provide relevancy.
  • Boost posts for targeting your customers.
  • Track where it’s shared, viewed and shopped.
  • Plays inside all Social Media.
  • Products and links always follow video.
  • Shareable from player or social media.
  • Change content of player without losing link.

LIVE video for Mobile & Tablets

  • Your consumers can watch and shop from ANYWHERE.
  • Broadcast LIVE and record your show.
  • Easily save and show archived content anytime.

LIVE Concerts, Events, and Channel Programming

  • Deploy existing TV programming online and on mobile.
  • Monetize LIVE video 24/7.
  • Reach fans beyond cable and satellite with mobile-optimized content.
  • Shareable from social sites, fan pages and branded sites.
  • Pre-roll ads target demographics.
  • Place products directly inside pre-roll ads.

LIVE Events, Multi level marketing, Training, Workshops

  • Discover potential downline BEYOND the meeting room.
  • Reach people all around the GLOBE.
  • Associate video with PRODUCTS & SERVICES.
  • Shareable on Social Media.
  • Embeddable on Facebook and Tumblr.
  • Works in Social Media outside the US like Ren-Ren, Tencent.
  • Post and track video players INSIDE your existing downline business models.
  • INTERACT with a LIVE viewer-base.
  • Optimize marketing with in-depth analytics.

Monetize video on your website and in social media


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