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“Video has convinced 77% of consumers to buy products or services!" HubSpot, 2016


Easy to use

  • The Cinsay Video Smart Store™ offers a unified sales and marketing application, rich in features yet highly intuitive.
  • If your focus is product sales and marketing then you can use the expanded mode, in which the transaction features are always displayed below the video.
  • If your focus is entertainment and undiluted visual impact then you can use the vertical mode, in which the transaction features are initially hidden.
  • Your customers can watch your videos on any website, blog, social media and through email and texts.
  • While watching videos your customers can perform transactions without losing context.
  • Multiple videos can be packaged together along with products, services, and links.
  • Cinsay's Video Smart Stores™ can be delivered in several languages, and it's easy to add subtitles to extend your reach worldwide.


You are now in the Shop section of the player.

In-Video Transactions

  • Transaction features display either horizontally below the video or vertically over the video to give your customers the ability to make transactions without ever leaving the context of the Video Smart Store™.
  • Clicking on an image shows a brief discription. Clicking again brings up the full description and order page.
  • Transactions include the ability to buy products, make donations, complete lead forms, and link off to another web page.
  • E-commerce and donation transactions can be completed within the Video Smart Store™, or directed off to your online store.
  • Leads can be collected from an in-video form and then automatically sent to your CRM.
  • Links can take your customers to any other web site.


The Cinsay Video Player makes it incredibly easy to share the content that you enjoy with your friends.

Different Sharing Options

  • From within the Video Smart Store™, any viewer can share it to a social media site, embed it, or send it via email.
  • The entire Video Smart Store™ is always shared; that includes all the transaction features and videos.
  • You can embed the player on your own web sites, blogs or other internet platforms by grabbing the code and dropping it in place.
  • Shared Video Smart Stores™ are always up to date. Any changes made by you are propagated to all shared Video Smart Stores™.


Cinsay's technology comes with the most powerful analytics to manage and track the progress of your video marketing and sales worldwide.

  • Watch Analytics include performance summary, visitor interactions (impressions, unique impressions, product views, video views and views per visit), and geolocation, among others.
  • Shop Analytics provide gross e-commerce, donation, lead and link transactions as well as performance tied to the video analytics.
  • Share Analytics display geolocation of share destination, source of shares, and shares compared to visits, video views, product views and Video Smart Store™ visits.
  • Summary Analytics present an overview of conversions, impressions, and overall performance.

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