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“Video increases conversions by up to 70%!" eMarketer, 2014

1. Watch

Watch Demo

Easy to use

  • A Our unique player allows you to view video in high definition quality. Click Play to watch your favorite content.
  • B The Navigation Bar allows your viewers to select from various videos, including LIVE and archived (VOD), that are loaded within the player. As you hover over each thumbnail, a small description will appear to let you know what the video is.
  • C The Watch icon. This icon lets you know that you are in the “Watch” section of the player.
  • D Your customers can watch your video on any website, blog, social media and through email and texts.
  • E Use your phone to make a great sales and marketing video. Watch how here, watch second part.
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Watch on websites, blogs, social media and emails.

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Watch in social media worldwide

  • Your potential and existing customers can watch your video in social media networks worldwide. They can clearly see your video on your profile, timeline, or if you have a specific page you have dedicated for your business within a social media network.
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Watch in emails

  • You and your customer can view and share your video via email.
  • Use email marketing to share your video with others.
  • Cinsay has built the sharing feature right into the video player. Simply click the share link, choose email and cut and paste your email addresses.
  • Each message has a pre-populated 'call to action' share message and also gets copied to your email.
  • Since over 50% of emails are read on mobile, Cinsay has also optimized email links to play on any mobile device.

2. Shop

You are now in the Shop section of the player.

Watch Demo

I. In-Player Transactions

  • A The Product Bar allows you to choose which product or service you would like to purchase. A small title will appear above each product.
  • B As you click on each product, further information will appear within the player. If you decided to purchase the product, click on “ADD TO CART” and it will appear in your shopping cart.
  • C The “Shop” icon clearly lets you know that you are within the shop section of the player and that products will appear in Product Bar.
  • How to write a great product and service description. Watch demo.
Watch Demo

II. In-Player Transactions

  • D The Product description shows you in detail all the features of the product including the price. Some items, i.e. clothing, may include sizing or color options as well.
  • E Add to Cart - by clicking this button, the item is added to your cart for you to review at a later time.
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III. In-Player Transactions

  • F This shows you the items you have selected and added to your cart, along with a subtotal of your entire purchase.
  • G This bar lists out the price for specific cart items.
  • H Once you have determined that your order is correct you are ready to continue on to check out.
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IV. In-Player Transactions

  • I This bar lets you know that you are in the Payment Options step and shows your subtotal.
  • J This area lets you determine which payment method you would like to use. Accept most major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover & American Express.
  • K Once you have filled in your payment options click “Submit Order” and your order will be processed in a timely manner.
Watch Demo

V. In-Player Transactions

  • L The “Thank You” tab lets you know that you have completed your transaction and your order is submitted.
  • M This message lets you know that your order is submitted and you will receive an email confirmation with details about your order shortly.
Watch Demo

I. Link-Out

  • A The video panel plays HD video to market your business, service, brand, etc.
  • B When a product is clicked, it is initially open to show a brief description. In link-out items, clicking “More Info” brings you to further, more detailed description of the product.
  • C The “Shop” icon lets your customers know that you are viewing items available for purchase.
Watch Demo

II. Link-Out

  • D After you have clicked “More Info” this screen will appear to give you a more detailed look at the product and how to purchase it.
  • E By clicking “More Info” here, you will be directed to a new window, where the offer will be presented.
Watch Demo

I. Political Contributions

  • A Video with a political candidate’s message plays here.
  • B By clicking "More Info" a short description enlarges with a brief message of how to support, or connect with the candidate.
  • C The “Shop” icon lets you know that you can take action on giving financial support for your candidate.
Watch Demo

II. Political Contributions

  • D The “Contact” form allows you to fill in the vital information to keep you connected with the candidate you aim to support.
  • E After filling out the form, click “Send Information” and your candidate will receive the information you filled out.
Watch Demo

I. Donations

  • A Video with a donation-related message plays here.
  • B By clicking the “Donate” thumbnail, a brief description is displayed explaining what you are contributing to.
  • C The “Shop” icon lets you know that you can take action by giving financial support.
Watch Demo

II. Donations

  • D This screen displays more information about the cause you are donating to. It also breaks down how much you can donate and how each amount helps the cause.
  • EChoose the dollar amount here in this easy drop-down menu. Each dollar amount coordinates with the descriptions on the left.
  • F By clicking “Next” you are one step closer to making your donation.
Watch Demo

III. Donations

  • G Fill out the form to let the cause you are supporting know that you made a donation.
  • H By clicking "Next" you are one step closer to completing your donation
Watch Demo

IV. Donations

  • IEnter the payment information necessary to complete the transaction.
  • J By clicking “Donate” you will have successfully contributed to the organization.

3. Share

The Cinsay Video Player makes it incredibly easy to share the content that you enjoy with your friends.

Watch Demo

Different options to share your video

  • A You can choose one of three methods to share the videos that you like. Choose to share via social media, email or embedding on a website.
  • B Once you choose a method to share, in this case via social media, choose from the most popular networks to share with your friends. Once you have chosen a network, a new page will appear to allow you to customize your share message.
  • C The Share Icon lets you know you are in the sharing section of the player and are ready to pass along a great video to your friends.
  • DEasily shareable, fully integratable with your store and products. Watch how to share your video.
Watch Demo

Fast sharing in social media worldwide

  • D After you have decided which share method to use, you can customize message to go along with it. The Cinsay Video Player provides a thumbnail and description of the video, that will post directly to the chosen social media network.
  • E Once you are finished with your personal message, simply click on “Share Link” and your video will go directly to the chosen location.
Watch Demo

Let users Watch and Shop without leaving Facebook

  • F Your video appears on the selected wall with its full capabilities. Watch, Shop, Share is now available right from inside the social media network, and any of your friends can watch, shop and share on their own, without ever having to leave the post.
Watch Demo

Easy to add on your website

  • A With the "Embed" option clicked you have the ability to share the player by embedding the player to any site you choose.
  • B The Cinsay Video Player automatically creates a unique embed code for you.
  • C By clicking "Copy to Clipboard" you now have the ability to paste the code wherever you want.
  • D The Share icon lets you know that you are within the sharing section of the player and are ready to pass along a great video to your buddies.
Watch Demo

Share on emails

  • A With the "Email" option clicked you have the ability to share the player by emailing the player to anyone you choose.
  • B Simply put in email addresses that you want to send to, and you can include a custom message about it.
  • C By clicking "Send Email," your video is automatically emailed to as many friends as you want.
  • D The share icon lets you know that you are within the sharing section of the player and are ready to pass along a great video to your friends.


Manage all of your videos, products, leads and more

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    Your Account Dashboard: where you can manage everything, accessible on PC, tablet and mobile.

  • A Easily access all the videos in your account.
  • B Track and view your analytics including views, shares, sales, donations, leads and contributions in one single place.
  • C Access and manage your Cinsay account info, including billing options. Easily identify marketing services that can increase traffic to your website or social media pages.
  • D Access and edit your shipping and billing including: locally and internationally. Ground, 2 day, overnight with FEDEX, UPS, USPS, DHL.
  • E How to upload a video. Watch demo.
Watch Demo


  • A View all of your videos' stores in your account.
  • B Easily create a new video player to captivate your customers while promoting your products and services.
  • C Easily preview your videos before sharing them on your website or social media.
  • D Make edits easily on your video players.
Watch Demo

General Information for your video player

  • A At a glance overview information about your video player.
  • B Easily name your video player.
  • C Fill out a description of what your video player is about.
  • D Create a custom share message that will show up on social media.
  • E Easily copy the embed code and paste on your website and social media pages.
  • F Save changes and publish your video player.
Watch Demo

Video Library

  • A Summary page shows you all of your available videos.
  • B Easily add a new video.
  • C See a preview of your video and edit options.
Watch Demo

Add Video

  • A Summary of what your video is about.
  • B Customize your video name.
  • C Create a description for your video.
  • D Easily choose the video source to upload.
  • E Click this button to upload a poster image for your video.
  • F Click the thumbnail button to upload your thumbnail image.
Watch Demo

Your Products Library

  • A The Video Player Summary gives you an overview of what is in your store.
  • B Easily add a new product by clicking this button.
  • C View basic information about each product currently in your library.
Watch Demo

Adding and Editing a Product

  • A The Video Player Summary lets gives you an overview of what is in your store.
  • B Fill in your product name.
  • C Complete a product description. This can be as detailed as you want.
  • D Easily add an image of your product.
  • E Fill out your product details - SKU, price, weight, and quantity.
  • F Save your product and you're ready to publish!
Watch Demo

Publishing your video

  • A The Video Player Summary gives you an overview of what is in your store.
  • B Easily choose which social media you would like to share your video player with.
  • C Share with friends via the simple email feature.
  • D Fill out other important information regarding your store, such as location.
Watch Demo

Ad Unit set up

  • A The Video Player Summary provides you with an overview of your store's assets.
  • B Complete the necessary information regarding your ad unit- active/not-active, type & size.
  • C Choose a custom border color.
  • D Easily upload an image for your ad unit.
  • E Simply copy and paste an embed code to share.
  • F Once all is complete, save your ad unit.


Cinsay's technology comes with the most powerful analytics to manage and track the progress of your video worldwide. The analytics allow you to gauge and track performance in 4 categories: overall views, shares, interactions and transactions.

Watch Demo


  • A Performance summary overview.
  • B View the video impressions based on states.
  • C View stats on browser and OS Versions.
  • D Visitor summary.
  • E Visitor interaction.
Watch Demo


  • A Summary transaction breakdown.
  • B View the video impressions based on states.
  • C See the difference between direct sales versus viral sales.
  • D See the transaction interactions.
  • E Quickly get an overview of your revenue performance.
Watch Demo


  • A View a summary of interactive (sharing) performance.
  • B View the video impressions based on states.
  • C View direct versus viral views.
  • D See the statistics for top places your store is shared.
  • E Get an overview of Share interactions.

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