See it in action

Ecommerce: Make your media shoppable.

Show products or services paired with calls to action while allowing shoppers to interact, control their experience, and purchase products directly inside of the video player.

Lead Generation: Collecting info and connecting with consumers is easier than ever.

Allow users to connect openly with your brand so you can collect verified leads, consumer inquiries, and feedback directly within the Smart Store® overlay

Linkout: Directly link to affiliates, drive traffic and more.

Effectively link to affiliate websites and control and drive sales traffic while providing additional critical messaging and information for specific products and services.

Smart Store Overlay: Overlay the AiBUY player, 3rd party players, and other media types.

Make the AiBUY video player and all 3rd party video and other media types shoppable using the AiBUY Smart Store® overlay technology, thanks to our JavaScript SDK.