Ahead of market trends, we were the first to secure significant patents related to video Ecommerce, establishing video as an important channel for Ecommerce transactions. Consumers are quickly increasing their usage of shoppable video, as well as interacting with video in general. Content delivery is now at an optimal point and AiBUY is poised to be the industry leader of all shoppable video and media.

The vision for our technology and patent landscape, consistent with our forward-thinking initial patents, is to be ahead of the state of the current technological climate. Looking forward, we will focus our vision on shoppable video and Ecommerce using overlay technologies and artificial intellegence.

Company History


Building technology and patent portfolio; early granted patents with priority dates starting January 2008.


Cinsay Smart Store launched—a transactional smart container for video, allowing small Ecommerce businesses to sell products without leaving the video viewing experience.


Viral sharing of Cinsay Video Smart Stores available in Facebook user timelines. Allowed Ecommerce transactions without leaving the Facebook platform.


First live video streaming event with Cinsay Smart Stores at SXSW Festival in Austin TX, partnership with the Recording Artists Guild.


Cinsay Smart Store used for Pay Per View tour featuring The Mick Fleetwood Band, partnership with Suretone Entertainment.


Partnership with Jeunesse Global to bring Cinsay Smart Stores to direct sales distributors worldwide.


CinsayLIVE Launched, provided individual users the capability to stream live video to a Cinsay Smart Store from a mobile phone. This was branded for Jeunesse as JWorldLIVE.


Company technology pivot to move from a data center-based, "walled garden", monolithic platform to a cloud-based, open API microservice SAAS platform.

Development Resources

The AiBUY development team consists of a core team of six senior developers in our Dallas office, as well as a partnership providing an additional twenty developers. This long-term strategic partnership grants us the flexibility to expand our development team with highly skilled developers who can mesh seamlessly with us on integration and customization efforts for our clients.

Interactive Patent Coverage

Our patents cover a wide array of instances in regards to interaction with user interface and Ecommerce transactions over video. All of these patents are positioned to allow AiBUY to express the ability to provide a transactable video rendered anywhere on the internet and browse for details without leaving the video in a single unified shopping expirience. This also covers UI components, such as predetermined cue points and visual indicators and identification and indexing of objects, and allows users to interact, as well as several other expansive patent coverage pending.

  • Market leading priority dates
  • Broad coverage for all past and future product development
  • Ideally situated for market trends
  • International coverage
  • 27 video Ecommerce related patents granted

Case Studies

South by Southwest

SXSW 2013 R2RLive concert streaming had between 3,000 and 6,000 daily and over 31,000 total viewers during the festival.

Lifestyle and Fitness Influencer

Since launch of pilot in June of 2018 she is seeing a click-through rate on her Smart Store views of 54%. This is significantly higher than video advertising averages of .6-1%