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Monetize your media and connect consumers to products on any device using the AiBUY Smart Store® Overlay technology, making your video shoppable.
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We'd like to welcome Herschel Walker, former professional football player, bobsledder, sprinter, and mixed martial artist, as our new brand ambassador!

Herschel Walker

“In sports just like in tech, one must always anticipate what’s around the corner. I see immense potential for AiBUY technology as video becomes the global norm for information sharing.”

Why Shoppable Video?

Video has a unique form of rich content that combines visuals, messaging, and engagement, appealing to consumers on a more emotional level and allowing brands to connect with people more effectively than they could through other channels.


More Purchases

Shoppers who view a video in the pre-purchase stages are 1.81 times more likely to make a purchase than non-viewers.


Reliance on Video

90% of consumers report that they watch videos about products to help them make important purchasing decisions.


More Clicks

Video produces 380% more clicks than a non-video sidebar call-to-action, increasing a user’s likelihood of taking action on what they see.

Utilize the power of shoppable video with the AiBUY Smart Store® Overlay technology

The AiBUY Smart Store® overlay technology allows brands to increase the power of video by making video shoppable. Connect with consumers immediately by bringing the store to them. The AiBUY Smart Store® overlay technology allows for the presentation of related and specific products and services to potential consumers while keeping content the main focus, as well as reducing the interruption of content delivery by allowing consumers to control their shopping and viewing experience. This combination creates what we believe is the best opportunity to give consumers control and confidence while allowing brands to convert consumer purchases from "soft" click-throughs to "hard" monetized conversions directly within media and video.

Our market-leading, proprietary, and internationally patented technologies allow you to use tools to effectively bring interactivity and monetization to existing media from your media library as well as 3rd party video.